It is important to know what is the best tool to type Sinhala on your computer from the right websites. Often you have to type In Sinhala software or use Type In Sinhala websites to type Sinhala on the internet. Sinhala transliterated typing is common and there are several suitable websites for this.

1.Gishan Type In Sinhala


This is one of the most convenient Sinhala typing software. It contains advertisements and is supported by Isiwara Font.

2.Akuru Sinhala Unicode

Akuru Sinhala Unicode Converter
Akuru Sinhala Unicode Converter

It supports Sinhala typing and FM fonting. It is also a modern website with a clean interface and a dark theme. It is an ad-free website and is responsible for its accuracy. It also does not track the user in any way. User privacy is maximized.


Helakuru is one of the most popular mobile phone keyboards in Sri Lanka as well as a multi-featured application. It also provides the ability to type Sinhala and translate them to FM Fonts.



slunicodes is another good quality Sinhala Unicode translator. Here too the user can store the information they have typed. It is also finished with a simple and easy interface. It is also a good quality website.

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