In 2023, Starlink internet will be launched for Sri Lanka

In 2023, the global Starlink internet service will also start in Sri Lanka, according to the company’s website. Previously, it was reported in the media that the company has started negotiations with the top officials of TRCSL for this expansion.

What is Starlink

Starlink is a global internet service that is 100% satellite based. Because of this, anywhere in the world has the ability to use the Internet at the same speed. The customer gets a satellite dish and can get internet facility from anywhere in the world by positioning it correctly

Starlink internet will be launched for Sri Lanka | How To Work Starlink

Currently you can use Starlink with 200Mbps speed and unlimited bandwidth. And unlike the connections you are currently using, there is also the ability to use it continuously without any signal drops.

Starlink price in Sri Lanka

The basic satellite dish and cable and router cost 99 USD and can be purchased from the Starlink website. You can already deposit money. You can use unlimited internet for a monthly fee of 110 USD.

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Starlink internet will be launched for Sri Lanka | Starlink satellite dish

Launching in Sri Lanka

If not for the influence of the existing companies and the corruption of the officials in Sri Lanka, most likely the Starlink service will start in Sri Lanka within the year 2023.

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