Top 5 Sri Lankan Sinhala Tech News Websites

Here are some Sinhala Tech News Websites that bring you the world of technology

1.Android වැඩකාරයෝ

#Alexa Rank LK – #287

Android Wedakarayo Homepage

An award winning website in Sri Lanka. Brings you up-to-date technology news and IT related articles. It is also a great place to learn simple lessons in Sinhala. They have a staff that is skilled at providing a wide range of information.

#Alexa Rank LK – #495

Technewslk Homepage

They are one of the most popular websites in Sri Lanka. The purpose of this website is to bring international technology news closer to the reader through plain Sinhala. Over the years they have become the most popular technology website in Sri Lanka. They have even created a mobile app to instantly bring you daily tech news.


#Alexa Rank LK – #4200

Banzgeek Homepage

another popular website based on how to .Teaching the Internet and providing technical news is one of the most popular commercial websites that are updated daily. It has also been a substitute for 1 and 2 above.

#Alexa Rank LK #4286

PC guide Homepage

Another award winning as well as commercial level website. Based on a computer and a video game, they simply publish reviews about what’s new between the articles. They have become hugely popular on YouTube.


#Alexa Rank LK – #377

Roar Science Homepage

Roar is another service powered by Dialog. Providing technical articles is not their first task. But technical articles can also be read through this and it is available in several languages

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